Are you one of the many RVers just itching to get away from home? You are not alone. Self-contained RVs are a great way to keep you and your family safer as you travel since you sleep in your own bed, eat in your own kitchen, and wash in your own bathroom.

As you make plans for your next RV trip, consider the following:

  • There is a pent-up travel boom going on across North America, especially near large cities. If you plan to travel to a destination within an hour or two of a large city, make sure you have reservations for your destination. You will be competing for campsites with locals who want to get away from home. This is especially true during weekends.
  • To limit exposure as you travel to unknown areas, consider stocking up on supplies before you go so that you won't have to go to the grocery store as frequently. Keep in mind, the more items you carry, the more weight issues you will have. Find a balance that works for you.
  • Another way to limit exposure is to take shorter trips to save on fuel and reduce the number of required fill-ups. Explore some parks closer to home and learn something new about your home area.
  • Plan outdoor activities as you travel. Social distancing is much easier on a hiking trail than it is on the sidewalk of a city street - even if it is a small city. Save the indoor exploring for a safer time.
  • If possible, take a credit card. Some businesses across the country are trying to reduce or eliminate cash transactions. This protects you and retail employees.
  • Check with your campground to find out what they are doing to protect their workers and guests. Most campgrounds are diligent to increase safety and hygiene by implementing new cleaning procedures and limiting access to common areas. They are working hard to stay safer and should readily share this information with you. You just need to ask.
  • Speaking of hygiene, continue to wash hands frequently! Experts have said that washing with soap is the best cleaning method. This is one piece of information that has not changed over time. RVers have their own sink with them where ever they go! How awesome is that?
  • Different parts of the country have different restrictions and guidelines when out in public. Check the news at your destination to find out what these are. You might want to pack extra hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes for your next trips. And don't forget to pack your masks! Some locations require them in retail locations.

Remember to be patient with each other. We don't really get a practice life and we are all trying to figure this out together. Whether you are driving down the highway, or setting up in a campground, remember to be courteous to those around you and show grace to those who might have an issue that inadvertantly holds you up. It might be you next time.